Catia and Mauro Uliassi

Mauro Uliassi and the sea of Senigallia are practically synonymous, in that you can quote one to indicate the other and vice versa. A languid look of a seasoned sailor, who has achieved personal success by turning the family bar into one of the restaurants that symbolise the Marches, a pillar of Italian cuisine both in Italy and abroad, especially now that it is among the Top 10 in Italy. The dish called “Benvenuti al mare” epitomises the essence of Uliassi, with a savoury and salty, yet creamy taste, an embrace steeped in memories of youth and carefree, summertime emotions. But the setting also reminds us of a ship’s hold, together with the railings for the outdoor tables and fish boxes like flunkeys.
The siren of the restaurant, on the other hand, is the undisputed mistress of the dining room, Catia Uliassi, a competent artist, who presents the dishes there as if singing a solemn promise of eternal, palatal bliss and adorns her ship with pictures whose soul is the sea. Their unforgettable flavours include the Wafer of duck foie gras and hazelnuts, Rimini Fest or Sepia tagliatella.


Banchina di Levante, 6 – 60019 Senigallia (AN)
Tel. +39 071 65463

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Closed Monday
Holidays From 26 December to 23 March
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