Madonnina del Pescatore

Mariella and Moreno Cedroni

A modern culinary workshop on the beach of Senigallia, along the coast of the Marches, which celebrates thirty years of activity.
The kitchen is the realm of the bold, passionate and talented genius of Moreno Cedroni, and the dining room is that of the gentle professionalism offered by Mariella. An unreserved marriage dedicated to fish which, following the diktats of essentiality, entails blending a wide range of raw materials with the blue of the sea, from Susci & Sushi
to Turbot in beer batter, wild herbs and monkfish tripe. Always in fervent activity, the haute cuisine at the Madonnina del Pescatore is also provided prêt-à-porter/prêt-à-manger, but with no slips in quality or signs of culinary subsidence.
Quite relentless, a powerhouse of ideas and creativity, the Madonnina del Pescatore always provides the same refinement of flavours enjoyed on your first visit.
It is the perfect place for those who are ready for new exciting challenges with a desire to enjoy the revolutionary dishes of one of the most popular chefs in Italy.

Madonnina del Pescatore

Lungomare Italia, 11 – Località Marzocca – 60019 Senigallia (AN)
Tel. +39 071 698267

30 + 10 outside | |

Closed Wednesday
Holidays From 15 November to end of January
Credit cards All