Ilario and Simonetta Mosconi

The most genuine Italian cuisine in Luxembourg comes from Ilario Mosconi, on the banks of the Alzette. His cuisine can be summed up in one word: authenticity. “About 90% of our products come directly from Italy: beef from Tuscany, veal from Piedmont, tomatoes from Sicily and white truffles from Alba,” says Simonetta Mosconi, Ilario’s wife, who takes care of the dining room along with the sommelier Olivier Petit.
With a simple pasta dish with ricotta and basil, you can really savour Italian authenticity in Luxembourg. For the greatest enthusiasts, there is a menu with eight courses based on pasta, the Italian dish par excellence.
A wrought iron door in an elegant building in the city centre provides access to two highly-refined dining rooms with a suffused, intimate, “pied dans l’eau” setting. All the same, Ilario Mosconi has not remained within his ivory tower, reminiscing about Italy in his dishes: this chef-researcher enjoys travelling himself seeking out excellent producers and selecting the very best ingredients for his restaurant.


13, rue Münster – 2160 Lussemburgo (L)
Tel. +352 54 6994

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Closed Saturday lunchtime and all day Sunday and Monday
Holidays Christmas and New Year, Easter and 3 weeks in August
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