Pierino Penati

Piergiuseppe and Theo Penati

From the green hills of Brianza one can gaze towards the Apennines of Liguria on summer days, perfect for dining on the large garden terrace of the Pierino Penati restaurant, with the French windows left wide open.
The most intimate place, though, is on the first floor, in the room of mirrors, with a small terrace overlooking the private park. A culinary history, spanning more than seventy years, now engages the third generation of the Penati family, with Piergiuseppe in the dining room and Theo (his son) in the kitchen. There’s a monumental wine cellar that is happy to include some less-known gems, provided they are of high quality.
The cuisine of Theo Penati represents the very best of Italian culinary know-how with a relentless search for the finest raw materials and a desire for innovation without forgetting the past. A new undertaking has recently engaged the family: the opening of a venue in Cairo, Egypt. So Piergiuseppe’s historical recipes and Theo’s contemporary ones can also be appreciated far over on the opposite shores of the Mediterranean.

Pierino Penati

Via XXIV Maggio, 36 – 23897 Viganò (LC)
Tel. +39 039 956020

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Closed Sunday dinner time and all day Monday
Holidays From 26 to 30 December
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