Osteria della Brughiera

Stefano Arrigoni

An elegant country house in Villa d’Almè, a rustic but chic setting, a brilliant blend of classicism and modernity, overlooking an English-style manicured lawn and with a collection of objects on the walls belonging to the host, Stefano Arrigoni. And he is the one who adds that unique flavour to his dishes with his own brand of savoir faire.
In the kitchen, chef Stefano Gelmi blends traditional recipes from Tuscany (Arrigoni’s homeland) with ample flair, careful selection of ingredients (with regular forays to the Orient in his menu) and various cooking techniques. The Osteria della Brughiera deserves a round of applause for its sober and embracing elegance, a distinguishing feature throughout. The large wine cellar, a dreamland for the guests, is another strength and source of pride for Stefano Arrigoni.
The signature dishes to be tried include the Three Zeds of Zola, Zucca e Zenzero (gorgonzola, pumpkin and ginger) that are a restyling of Cappelletti with bourguignonne, and Pigeon with a vegetable base.

Osteria della Brughiera

Via Brughiera, 49 – 24018 Villa d’Almè (BG)
Tel. +39 035 638008

50, for exclusive lunches or dinners up to 80 guests

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Closed Monday and Tuesday lunchtime
Holidays From 11 to 29 August
Credit cards All