Miramonti l’altro

Mauro and Daniela Piscini, Chef Philippe Léveillé

Can the cuisines from Brescia and France create a perfect match? At Miramonti l’altro, they have certainly succeeded: the Breton Philippe Léveillé dismantles and reassembles the traditions from Brescia while casting his eyes over the Alps, from this luxury, Neoclassical villa in Concesio and maintaining the carefree spirit and witty, pure-Italian wordplay. As with many puns, their names would be lost in translation but must be tried at all costs: “Guarda come vongolo” and “Come una Bouillabaisse”, “Cubismo di vitello” and “O’Pizza”, a show of affection for the Italy that welcomed him with open arms. A really rich cheese trolley provides the finishing touch to this amazing French cuisine experience on Italian soil, blending the common passions of the Valtrompia inhabitants with those of their Frankish cousins. Refinement on the inside and romanticism in the garden, when the weather permits, with many details that make the surroundings a truly wonderful restaurant. The crowning charm of the place is provided by the welcoming professionalism and hospitality of Daniela Piscini (the wife of chef Léveillé) in the dining hall and Mauro Piscini who masterfully runs the well-stocked cellar.

Miramonti l’altro

Via Crosette, 34 – Loc. Costorio – 25062 Concesio (BS)
Tel. +39 030 2751063

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Closed Monday
Holidays One week in August
Credit cards All