Lio Pellegrini

Silvia and Giuliano Pellegrini

The Lio Pellegrini restaurant is in a perfect setting inside a seventeenth century sacristy along a cobblestone alley leading to the walls of the Upper Town, not far from Bergamo’s Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery and the Carrara Academy. It was opened in 1984 with that touch of “Tuscan character oozing from every dish” and its name is a tribute to Giuliano Pellegrini’s father. Its most famous dishes include Hot sea soup with shellfish, Spaghetti with cockles and Sweet mullet roe, Golden truffled Brains and Homemade fettuccine with pigeon sauce. “You do not measure modernity and tradition in every dish that is cooked and served; what you need to perceive in every dish is the snapshot of the chef: his serenity, passion, love, emotions and tenderness. What is important in a restaurant is not the obvious style of the architect, but how successful he has been in allowing the taste, emotion and tenderness of the master of the house to come through so that he will then feel perfectly at home there in his daily environment.” These are Giuliano’s passionate words, aware of the success he has achieved thanks to the valuable support of his wife Silvia and children, Mattia and Lorenzo.

Lio Pellegrini

Via San Tomaso, 47 – 24121 Bergamo (BG)
Tel. +39 035 247813

45 + 45 outside |

Closed Monday. Tuesday lunchtime
Holidays 1 week after Easter and last 3 weeks in August
Credit cards American Express, Visa, Diners, Mastercard