Ilario Vinciguerra Restaurant

Ilario Vinciguerra

An elegant Art Nouveau villa covering over four thousand square metres, the site of a sumptuous Bridge Club, and now a highly-talented kitchen, offering Mediterranean cuisine. Before coming to Gallarate, Ilario Vinciguerra honed his skills in France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland, but the experience that influenced him the most was the one at Don Alfonso 1890 in Sant’Agata sui due Golfi near Naples, in search of his own Campanian origins. “A genuine cuisine providing immediate sensations that is both traditional and modern, and in continual evolution, and also surprising without ever losing sight of Mediterranean products and colours,” says the chef. “The idea of a dish is not enough by itself; you need to know how to take it a step further so as to satisfy the senses of smell, sight and taste, the three cornerstones supporting each of my creations together with the famous three Ps: pane (bread), pasta and pastries, all home-made, of course.” And with the aroma of his fine, delicious dishes, Ilario Vinciguerra can win over every guest, with successful combinations every time.

Ilario Vinciguerra Restaurant

Via Roma, 1 (car entrace: via Tenconi, 3) – 21013 Gallarate (VA)
Tel. +39 0331 791597

35 + 90 for events | |

Closed Sunday dinner time and all day Wednesday
Holidays Variable in August
Credit cards All except for Diners