Il Saraceno

Roberto Proto

In the small village of Cavernago, nestling between two mediaeval castles, the favourite dish is fish. The guiding hand is that of chef Roberto Proto who, with enormous enthusiasm and passion, moves away from traditional fish cuisine in search of one that is more creative and sophisticated, while maintaining that sober moderation which is a feature of his and which exalts the raw materials that are always highly selected.
The most important dishes include the Casoncello di mare Bergamo-Amalfi, a tribute to his origins and the land that welcomed him, a classic pasta mix filled with creamed cod and served with stewed peppered mussels and octopus.
Queen of the dining room is the elegant Maria Morbi, who puts the guests at ease with grace and the right degree of friendliness that arouses the desire to return to a place where you feel pampered. There’s a top quality wine list, especially with the whites, that can create the perfect pairings with fish that is every bit as good as on the coast.

Il Saraceno

Piazza Don Verdelli, 2 – 24050 Cavernago (BG)
Tel. +39 035 840007

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Closed Monday dinner time. Tuesday
Holidays 10 days in January and 20 days in August
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