Il luogo di Aimo e Nadia

Stefania Moroni, Alessandro Negrini, Fabio Pisani

A bastion among the restaurants in Milan, Il luogo has been a safe haven for countless gourmet enthusiasts since 1962. From a simple trattoria linked to Tuscany, the homeland of Aimo and Nadia Moroni, it has become one of those restaurants that “have staged a revolution in the kitchen”. Today Il luogo has been completely renovated while retaining certain historical features that made it a benchmark for Italian cuisine in Milan and the world over. Wood and fabric are the natural materials that decorate and embrace the place with elements of continuity that adorn its rooms with a refined minimalist style enriched with references to Milanese design from the 50s. A new space with an open kitchen has been added to the two elegant dining rooms, providing a more homely setting for guests wishing to enjoy an all-round experience. Il luogo boasts more than fifty years of history and Stefania Moroni (the third generation of this family of restaurateurs) and chefs Fabio Pisani and Alessandro Negrini are its worthy custodians, masterfully blending tradition and innovation. A special note on the dining room: the maître Nicola Dell’Agnolo and sommelier Alberto Piras provide an extremely warm and professional welcome, offering wines from excellent local producers.

Il luogo di Aimo e Nadia

Via Montecuccoli, 6 – 20147 Milan (MI)
Tel. +39 02 416886


Closed Saturday lunchtime and all day Sunday
Holidays 10 days in January, 3 weeks in August
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