Enrico Bartolini Ristorante

Enrico Bartolini

The restaurant that bears the name of Enrico Bartolini is the eldest, and the favourite out of the many culinary adventures of the chef. In the end, one always comes back this way, to the prestigious Museum of Cultures, a place of art and design, with studied light effects, so as to savour a Contemporary Classic cuisine. The journey starts by taking its cue from Italian tradition, although a contemporary French tribute is quite blatant, then one returns home again, where it is easy to recognize Bartolini’s Tuscan soul in some of the dishes. Art permeates the restaurant, and not only metaphorically: the dining room is handled expertly by Sebastien Ferrara, the manager and highly-experienced sommelier, while in the kitchen we always find the chef’s right-hand man and impeccable deputy, Remo Capitaneo. The dishes that have become icons of Enrico Bartolini’s style, his masterpieces to be tried at all costs, include Spaghetti with eel and Soufflé with sweet lemons and raspberries, liquorice, yoghurt and Bulgarian rose.

Enrico Bartolini Ristorante

Via Tortona, 56 – 20144 Milano
Tel. +39 02 84293701

30 Up to 65 for events | |

Closed Monday lunchtime. Sunday

Holidays 3 variable weeks in August
Credit cards All