dal Pescatore Santini

Santini family – Antonio, Nadia, Alberto, Giovanni, Valentina, grandmother Bruna

dal pescatore santini

Dal Pescatore Santini is a temple to sacred hospitality, a law in force here since 1925, when the restaurant was just a country inn on the banks of the River Oglio and the only dishes on the menu were fried freshwater fish.
Since then nothing has changed as regards the dining room service. Top marks go to its cuisine, more than at any other restaurant in Italy.
Antonio and Nadia Santini are the bastions of the House, while their sons Alberto and Giovanni in the kitchen provide the stunning sequel to this tale of culinary excellence, originally told only in the country town of Canneto sull’Oglio, but now known the world over. Their elegance and classicism are unmatched, but they are always up to date with the latest trends: even the most traditional recipes are reviewed and adapted with a modern view in terms of lightness and taste.
The unforgettable dishes include Pumpkin Tortelli typical of Mantua, Agnoli (small ravioli) in chicken broth and Terrine de foie gras in the pan.

dal Pescatore Santini

Loc. Runate, 17 – 46013 Canneto S/O (MN)
Tel. +39 0376 723001 r.a.

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Closed Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday lunchtime
Holidays From 2 to 31 January and from 12 August to 5 September
Credit cards All