da Vittorio

Cerea Family

It is the relentless commitment and leadership lying behind the presentation of elaborate, yet home-cooking style dishes that makes it such an immediate and pleasurable experience to visit the enchanted setting of Da Vittorio in Brusaporto. The refined environment, with utmost care and painstaking attention to detail, goes to create an air of informality and serenity allowing chefs Enrico and Bobo Cerea to appear in the dining room to greet their guests, while Bruna (their mother) and Francesco see to the wine cellar that boasts more than four centuries of history, and serve guests with discreet yet constant care. It is surrounded by ten hectares of well-tended gardens in a timeless setting in one of the most beautiful relais in Italy, La Cantalupa. “Lombard tradition and creative genius” describes the leitmotiv running through the menus that the Cerea brothers revolutionize at every change of season, respecting nature. The renowned patisserie – the intimate passion of chef Enrico – merits a chapter of its own; through boundless experimentation and research, it represents the true “icing on the cake” of this restaurant with a family tradition for excellent haute cuisine, acclaimed the whole world over.

da Vittorio

Via Cantalupa, 17 – 24060 Brusaporto (BG)
Tel. +39 035 681024

70 + 50 outside in summer | |

Closed Wednesday lunchtime
Holidays 2 middle weeks in August
Credit cards Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners