Il Cigno Trattoria dei Martini

Gaetano Martini and Chef Alessandra Martini

Both elegant and homely at the same time, the ancient, sixteenth century noble house of Il Cigno Trattoria dei Martini in Mantua faithfully follows the local culinary traditions, serving “recipes for princes and common folk”. To call it a “trattoria” is a pure oxymoron, but Tano and Alessandra Martini like it that way and have done for over forty years. Its cuisine is fulfilling, reliable and rich and uses traditional cooking techniques, though never over the top; they call it “orthodox” to emphasise an inseparable bond with the tradition and recipes of the past. It is well-known that Mantuan cuisine is varied and complex, rich and poor, urban and rural at the same time, and the Martinis interpret it with elegance and taste. Tano Martini welcomes the guests personally within their spacious halls with stylish and antique furniture, showing a level of courtesy and discretion typical of the great Halls of the past. The most romantic place in the House, however, is outside in the garden, where you can dine during the summer next to an ancient fifteenth century well. The aim of Il Cigno is to be a tasty, safe haven and landfall for all gourmet navigators, an absolute certainty for lovers of good cuisine.

Il Cigno Trattoria dei Martini

Piazza Carlo D’Arco, 1 – 46100 Mantua (MN)
Tel. +39 0376 327101

40 + 20/40 in private rooms + 30 indoor garden |

Closed Monday and Tuesday
Holidays From 1 to 4 January. 2 weeks in August
Credit cards All