Alice Ristorante

Sandra Ciciriello and Viviana Varese


Is Alice a girl’s name or the name of a fish? Both – Alice also means anchovy! The skill of chef Viviana Varese in dealing with this precious and delicate food is indisputable. From the top floor of Eataly Milan to within the former Smeraldo Theatre, the guests of the Alice Ristorante can gaze caressingly over the area of Corso Como and Corso Garibaldi and, at the same time, over a huge open kitchen. Since 2007, the chef has succeeded in affirming her idea of haute cuisine that embraces Mediterranean tradition, while following new roads with some influences from around the world. Examples of this can be seen in the two tasting menus, “Tradition” and “Innovation”, but also in the entire menu with fish dishes in raw and cooked versions, a reflection of the shimmering sea of Salerno, accompanied by quality ingredients from small craft producers. Every dish finds its perfect liaison from a selection of over four hundred of the finest wine labels. At the end of the meal, there is a delicious little patisserie with the pop-up installation of the Circo di Alice.

Alice Ristorante

Eataly Smeraldo
P.zza XXV Aprile, 10 – 20121 Milano (MI)
Tel. +39 02 49497340

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Closed Sunday
Holidays 25 and 26 December. 1 January. 15 August
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