La Trota dal ‘63

Maurizio, Sandro, Amedeo and Michele Serva

A successful challenge from way back in 1963, when the Serva brothers helped fish from the lake to gain popularity, when it wasn’t yet fashionable or, rather, was considered one of the poorest ingredients in the kitchen. Since then, they have decided to make La Trota a temple to fish. In the magical reserve of Santa Susanna, in the village of Rivodutri, Maurizio and Sandro Serva are celebrating over fifty years of activity in the kitchen with a perfect array of flavours and well-tested combinations of local produce, while their sons Amedeo and Michele manage the dining room with cheerful courtesy. An authentic and unmistakable culinary style, an emotional cuisine that plays with textures and temperatures and is always attentive to the lightness in their dishes. It required enormous talent and ingenuity to accomplish a project that seemed disastrous to most people, but it proved to be highly successful, founded on the wise use of herbs and spices and on raw materials of the highest quality, which are essential ingredients for creating iconic dishes such as Mille-Feuille of Sea Trout or Tench soup with capellini and spicy broth.

La Trota dal ‘63

Via S. Susanna, 33 – 02010 Rivodutri (RI)
Tel. + 39 0746 685078

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Closed All day Wednesday and Sunday dinner time
Holidays From 6 January to 6 February. 10 days in July
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