San Domenico

Valentino Marcattilii and Massimiliano Mascia

Gianluigi Morini opened San Domenico way back on 7 March 1970, with the idea of giving everyone the chance to know and appreciate the fine cuisine found in the homes of Italian nobility. His cuisine continues along the same path, true to its mission, careful and attentive to detail, combining harmonious dishes with high-quality wines, even after achieving three stars from the New York Times. His relentless research in the field of fine food led him to involve the unforgettable Nino Bergese, a leading expert in “home cooking”. The collaboration with Valentino Marcattili, executive chef, proved to be significant and dynamic; he quickly learned the lesson from his master, merging it with his own experience in the great French school with the Troigros brothers at Vergé, and stays in Haeberlin and Point. Impeccable service in the dining room under the aegis of his brother, Natale Marcattili. Now the kitchen’s future is in the hands of the young, creative Massimiliano Mascia, who combines traditional Emilian dishes with his own personal touches and flair, keeping this well-established restaurant among the leaders in Italian cuisine.

San Domenico

Via G. Sacchi, 1 40026 Imola (BO)
Tel. +39 0542 29000

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Closed Sunday dinner time and all day Monday. From June to August: Saturday lunchtime, all day Sunday and Monday
Holidays A few days in January and 3 weeks in mid-August
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