Marco and Cristina Parizzi

An ancient 17th century building transformed in the 19th century into a beautiful mansion: the Parizzi restaurant is located in the centre of Food Valley, in Parma. 70 years of passion devoted to fine food and wines, a story spanning three generations, from innkeeper to chef and then restaurateur. Founded as a small delicatessen with quality products, then a trattoria, in 1967 it became a fine restaurant that makes taste and visual appeal its raison d’être. Its refined dishes arouse deep emotions inside this minimalist setting enriched by works by Niccoli. But the Parizzi is also a place of love between Marco, in the kitchen, and Cristina in the dining room, who passionately looks after the wine cellar with over 10,000 bottles and 1,200 labels. “My cuisine has changed with me, I learned the basics of classic cuisine, then researched the latest techniques; I have worked on raw materials by discovering top-quality suppliers, I made my cuisine lighter and then rediscovered the sense of taste, made it more complex and then simplified it […]. Because that’s what cuisine is like: it gets inside you, overwhelms you and raises your spirits; nothing in the world gives me a greater sense of grandeur and omnipotence than a well-delivered service,” says the chef.


Strada della Repubblica, 71
43121 Parma (PR)
Tel. +39 0521 285952

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Closed Monday
Holidays 1 week in January. 3 weeks in August. 24 and 25 December
Credit cards Visa, American Express, Mastercard