L’Erba del Re

Luca Marchini

“Balance: this is the concept underlying my cuisine”, says chef Luca Marchini. And you can see the evidence in the classic traditional recipes of Emilia reinterpreted in his own personal style, without ever abandoning his quest for the cleanness and taste of each dish. The creations at L’Erba del Re are traditional and Emilian only in name, precisely because they are nurtured by the constant drive towards research and meditation on noble raw materials and innovative techniques. Territoriality and evolution are equal players on the menu, where recognizable elements blend with a variety of flavours providing harmony for the palate. The first courses are the frontrunners, such as Ravioli with roast rabbit, liver sauce and strawberries. In the last year, the chef has specialized in playing with infusions, such as with the Risotto with pine nut infusion, parsley extract, black garlic and rosemary. With trial after trial, the experience and sensitivity of Luca Marchini continue to intertwine with encounters from foreign, culinary phrase-books.

L’Erba del Re

Via Castel Maraldo, 45 – 41121 Modena (MO)
Tel. +39 059 218188

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Closed All day Sunday, Monday lunchtime
Holidays 3 weeks in August and the first week in January
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