La Buca

Stefano Bartolini

The Bartolini family are “guardians of nostalgic tradition of the Riviera Romagnola” and “the sea in its very essence”. All the very best from the blue Adriatic is found in La Buca, overlooking the Canal port of Leonardo da Vinci in Cesenatico. Since 1985, La Buca has been the spearhead, the maritime jewel of this family of restaurateurs who also manage other premises where Emilia and Romagna unite in the name of good food. The hustle-and-bustle of one of Italy’s most popular seaside resorts remains outside, while inside there is suffused lighting, muffled sounds, raw sheet metal and iron that are reminiscent of an old fishing boat: you feel like you are in a ship’s galley rather than a restaurant. In memory of Marcello, the fisherman grandfather, your first bite at La Buca is a tribute to a fishermen’s typical lunch served up in a gardellina, a little tin pot. In the kitchen, the chef Gregorio Grippo dedicates much of his menu to local fish, including a number of his renowned dishes: Carpaccio of amberjack with artemisia, Tuna sauce with almond and crispy rice, or Malfattini in crab broth and lemongrass, without forgetting Cuttlefish, borage and pickled cherries.

La Buca

Corso Garibaldi, 45 – 47042 Cesenatico (FC)
Tel. +39 0547 1860764

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Closed Monday
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