Taverna del Capitano

Caputo Family

The only sound allowed at the Taverna del Capitano is the lapping of the waves: this was probably the call that prompted the Caputo family to found the restaurant here way back in 1967, a lighthouse off-the-beaten-track but teeming with Mediterranean hospitality. And today, that lighthouse is a regular haunt for the best gourmet clientele from Italy and beyond. It all started with the Captain, Salvatore Caputo, formerly a seafarer who had worked for many years as an officer in the Merchant Navy. Today the kitchen is the home of Alfonso Caputo, Salvatore’s son, who re-models the culinary generosity of these lands with light hands, interpreting in modern style dishes that are a hymn to their beloved Campania, to the labours of fishermen and the passion of peasants. His sister Mariella, an expert sommelier and refined hostess, capable of finding the perfect pairing for every dish, masterfully manages the dining room with her husband, Claudio Di Mauro, an impeccable head waiter. Three generations and fifty years of memories for the Taverna del Capitano that has successfully provided guests with gourmet experiences and dreams for over half a century.

Taverna del Capitano

P.zza delle Sirene, 10/11
Marina del Cantone
80061 Massa Lubrense (NA)
Tel. +39 081 8081028

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Closed Monday and Tuesday. Always open in summer
Holidays From 2 November to 31 December. From 1 January to 12 March
Credit cards All