Il Comandante Restaurant

Salvatore Bianco

Il Comandante is an important name for this restaurant that embraces the whole of the Bay of Naples with stunning views: it is dedicated to Achille Lauro, founder of the Lauro fleet, whose headquarters were originally in this building.
Here Salvatore Bianco makes the most of Vesuvian produce with fully-enhanced Mediterranean cuisine, preparing more than just delicious dishes by drawing on the very living essence in some quite unforgettable recipes.
The setting consists of colour-free backdrops that highlight the colours and forms of carefully-designed dishes. The most difficult dish to offer in a quality restaurant is its speciality: a “simple” spaghetti dish with tomato, presented under a cloche with Vesuvian cherry tomatoes at the side so that guests can decide on their own pairing.
Il Comandante is the gourmet jewel of the Romeo Hotel, assisted by the refined mastery in dining room service of Mario Vitiello, a maître who recently received an award for his high professionalism.

Il Comandante Restaurant

Romeo hotel Via Cristoforo Colombo, 45 – 80133 Naples
Tel. +39 081 6041580

40-50 |

Closed Sunday and Monday 
Holidays Always open
Credit cards All