la Bandiera

Marcello Spadone

Marcello Spadone is the symbol of restaurant catering in upper Abruzzo, an identity that has endured over time, since when La Bandiera took flight in 1977. A change of generations in two phases that caused no upsets in the restaurant and, conversely, enhanced its existence, maintaining its uncompromising cuisine. It all started the day when Anna D’Andrea turned the shop selling tobacco and salt into a country inn, and continued when Marcello took the reins and with his wife Bruna and their two twins developed it into one of the jewels of Abruzzo cuisine. Now, the members of the latest generation – Mattia in the kitchen and Alessio in the dining room – manage to maintain the high standards and concreteness of flavours from the past, though developed, modernised and updated, but well aware of their origins. So, the hands of Marcello and Mattia serve up tasty Pappardelle with white, duck meat sauce and Leg of Lamb with herbs, but also many other creative dishes such as Marinated beef with layers of tender wheat pastry and bitter almond sauce or Broth with flowers, herbs and roots with bread ravioli, ending with pastries that deserve a round of applause.

La Bandiera

Contrada Pastini, 4 – 65010 Civitella Casanova (PE)
Tel. +39 085 845219

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Closed Wednesday. Sunday dinner time
Holidays From 10 January to 10 February.
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