Il Desco

Elia and Matteo Rizzo

Renaissance character, historical core and romantic fame: welcome to Verona. Love for this city has been the main ingredient of the Rizzo family’s philosophy, namely the idea of a cuisine from the heart, where tradition becomes the main theme and champion of its culinary prowess. The result is a sincere, authentic and excellent proposal where the rules handed down from father Elia to son Matteo remains unchanged: three is the maximum number of ingredients to be blended together to create reassuring dishes, interspersed with revisited ideas and innovative seasonal combinations. Minimalism and ease of execution, balance and moderateness are the trump cards of this honest style, free from pointless, artificial devices. The guests look more than satisfied with the classic setting that makes the historical home a refined, though not affected destination, where hospitality and care take pride of place. It is worth highlighting the Generations project, which includes a book and a special menu, shared with other restaurants in the town, to encourage the younger generation to enjoy the pleasures of fine dining.

Il Desco

Via Dietro S. Sebastiano, 7 – 37121 Verona (VR)
Tel. +39 045 595358

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Closed Sunday and Monday. In July, August and December: Sunday and Monday lunchtime
Holidays 15 days from 25 December
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