Lorenzo and Chiara Viani, Chef Gioacchino Pontrelli

A long family tradition of hoteliers – a trail blazer in blending the dining room with the kitchen – and a very deep passion for fish dishes make Lorenzo Viani a landmark in the cuisine of Versilia which has been his vocation since he was a young chef, bringing it into the limelight with its extraordinary products. In Forte dei Marmi, it is a safe mooring point for gourmet boaters; with an innate savoir-faire in the dining room, the gentleman-owner knows how to recognise and pick out the best of the day’s catch and deliver it to the chef, Gioacchino Pontrelli, who is a true professional in handling the best that the sea can offer and transforming it into the finest haute cuisine dishes. Pontrelli has been at Lorenzo’s Court for over 30 years, since 1984, and still prepares an amazing “sea-blue” menu: he matches an uncompromising combination of rigour, skills and responsibility – dealing with the finest and freshest products – and excellent raw materials to achieve the very best in sea food dishes. Today Lorenzo’s daughter, Chiara, carries on the marathon tradition that has made fish their style symbol, because – as is customary – it has to be a Viani who “tells the culinary tales” in Versilia.


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