St. Hubertus

Pizzinini family

St. Hubertus
St. Hubertus

An ecstasy of flavours: this expression symbolises the intrinsic character of the style of St. Hubertus, the restaurant strongly desired by the Pizzinini family more than twenty years ago, with the aim of giving value to the culinary identity of South Tyrol. Here, inside the Hotel Rosa Alpina, the temperament and philosophy of Norbert Niederkofler blend to create an original cuisine made of the four elements (water, air, earth and fire), deeply rooted in the surrounding environment.
His proposals talk about a highly pure mountain cuisine, whose history is unspoilt and restored at every stage and every process. The techniques used have centuries of history behind them, but the chef, a lover of sublime simplicity, adapts them wisely to suit today’s needs, without distorting their identity. Thus, fermentation, pickling and smoking give rise to ingenious tastes whose leitmotiv lies in the constant weave between territoriality and seasonality.
This devout respect for the local region pervades a dynamic menu, punctuated by the cycles of nature, able to give the cuisine that ethical and sustainable aspect so hard to find elsewhere.

St. Hubertus

Rosa Alpina Hotel & Spa
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