Martin Benninger

The Canton San Gallo is a marriage of plain land and mountains overlooking Lake Constance to the north and the Rhine Valley to the south. A land that tells the story of the southernmost and German part of Switzerland although, at the same time, it has a fragrance of the Mediterranean. The small, verdant village of Wittenbach reveals the Segreto restaurant, a charming gourmet salon that transcends its culinary boundaries to bring the Bel Paese into its dishes. The raw materials used by chef Martin Benninger relate strongly to the surrounding area and slavishly follow the changing seasons: the Rheintal asparagus, white fish or pike-perch from Lake Constance and a selection of raw-milk Swiss cheeses. In this way the menu is dynamic and develops anew every six weeks. The common denominators, however, always remain the same: sincerity and tradition interspersed with surprising and unexpected gambles. The culinary concept is restricted to a few elements, controlled and unpretentious, but vigorously imaginative. This story of passion for good food and wine mixes with praise for conviviality which means participation and sharing, fuelled in this relaxed location with a chic design.


Abacus-Platz, 1
9301 Wittenbach/St-Gallen (CH)
Tel. +41 712901111


Closed Sunday and Monday
Holidays At the beginning of January, between the end of July and early August
Credit cards Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro