Pri Lojzetu

Tomaž, Flavia and Sara Kavčič

Pri Lojzetu confirms the wisdom of crossing the border into Slovenia to savour a cuisine including playful and traditional land and sea creations, coherent with its strong identity in every dish. Chef Tomaž Kavčič of a visionary disposition seals an anthology of specialities from the Valle del Vipacco. The main focus of this philosophy are the ingredients, delivered on a daily basis by passionate suppliers and designed to leave their original flavours unchanged. One example is the Rose of Gorizia, a delicious native radicchio cut before the autumn and kept warm in shelters to dry: a tasty treat that few know how to prepare to perfection. Or to mention the chef’s signature style, a cooking technique on a plate of salt which brings out the best of sea bass flesh. And then a wide range of soups and consommés. The walls of Villa Zemono, the hunting lodge of the castle built in 1689 at the behest of the noble Antonio Lanthieri, embrace an aristocratic and enchanting mise en scene where Flavia Furios welcomes her guests with courtesy. The talented sommelier Anze Kristan skilfully manages a wine cellar with over five hundred labels, including distinguished wines from Brda in Slovenia.

Pri Lojzetu

Dvorec Zemono – 5271 Vipava (SLO)
Tel. +386 5 3687007

40 à la carte – Up to 100 for events | | by prior arrangement

Closed Monday and Tuesday.
Wednesday and Thursday lunchtime.

Holidays Two weeks in January.
Two weeks in August

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