La Madia

Pino Cuttaia

Licata has a fragrance of salt and sand, smells that overwhelm anyone passing through and binding with carefree memories and a warming nostalgia. That’s just how the cuisine of Pino Cuttaia is. In the year 2000, together with his wife Loredana, he opened his tiny island of enormous pleasure: La Madia. “Food is communication, it is history and it is memory”: the chef, I believe, has built his identity and philosophy on this, consisting of interpretation and renovation of those tastes that were once home-grown. Sustainability is an axiom here, made effective through rigorous attention to the land of Sicily and the seasons, viewed as a sweet expectancy of the products that will come. The creations of this ironic and spontaneous culinary poet take flight in an atmosphere of minimal design, with light-coloured wood walls and no intrusive ornaments as nothing must hinder the pride of place of taste, appearance and memories evoked by the dishes. “My dream? Return to food the poetry of lost flavours, the emotion provided by memories, the warmth of known gestures. I want to make perfection invisible. That’s my challenge.” This is how chef Cuttaia summarises his will, materialised in an incessant invitation to play games that are always surprising.

La Madia F. Re Capriata, 22
92027 Licata (AG)
Tel. +39 092 2771443

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Closed From October to May: Sunday and Tuesday dinner time. From June to September: Sunday and Tuesday lunchtime
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