Bye Bye Blues

Patrizia Di Benedetto

If it’s true to say that “the sea is the abyss full to the brim,” then there is certainly no doubt that chef Patrizia Di Benedetto has learnt how to go beyond that brim to pay homage to the Mediterranean in a signature style that bids farewell to sombre moods and brings reconciliation with the world. On the Palermo dwellers’ favourite beach in Mondello, Patrizia has been hard at work since 1991 with courage, determination and feminine flair (which she considers her secret ingredient) so as to serve her guests a highly-developed homely cuisine, firmly rooted in the area through collaboration with small local producers. That’s how the top-quality, fresh fish enter her kitchen and become the undisputed stars on her zero-km menu, with a sparse smattering of Oriental influences.
Then there’s the wine at table of course, chosen from a number of the finest Sicilian, Italian and international labels, attentively cared for in the wine cellar by her husband Antonio Barraco, an expert sommelier. In addition, a prized selection of spirits which, like a warm embrace, can bring a culinary experience to a close in the best of ways. The perfect location to go missing so as to find oneself again!

Bye Bye Blues

Via del Garofalo, 23 – Loc.Valdesi
90149 Mondello (PA)
Tel. +39 091 6841415

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Closed Monday
Holidays Always open
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