Piazza Duomo

Enrico Crippa

“Tonda Gentile” hazelnuts, Fassona steaks, Alta Langa potatoes, Alba White Truffles: these are the ingredients that talk about Piedmont and its traditions sealed in its unmistakable language. It is always an arduous task to transform well-known raw materials into unrepeatable and unexpected gourmet creations, but Enrico Crippa’s energy has never been known to falter with this kind of provocation. So much so that he grows his vegetables and flowers in his own dynamic and organic garden. This chef’s grey matter is always in fibrillation, ranging from the rows of Nebbiolo vines to the far-off lands where he has lived, France and Japan, whose perfect Zen balance is found in his flavoursome creations. All his dishes have one ingredient that is a common denominator: the human factor which is conveyed in a proven tradition permeated by Crippa’s personality. His light and aesthetically pleasing, contemporary cuisine is complemented by a limitless selection of regional wines and from elsewhere, recommended by the highly-acclaimed sommelier Vincenzo Donatiello, also now the Manager. Applause to the Ceretto family for having created such a Wunderkammer of taste.

Piazza Duomo

P.zza Risorgimento, 4 – 12051 Alba (CN)
Tel. +39 0173 366167

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Closed Sunday and Monday
Holidays 2 weeks in August. Between late December and January
Credit cards All except for Diners