Chef Davide Scabin, Milena Pozzi, Barbara Scabin­

Contemporary art housed in the Castle of Rivoli finds its own gourmet theme in the signature style at the Combal.Zero by Davide Scabin. In a constant oscillation between genius and culinary immoderation, this eclectic chef is relentless in his reviews of Piedmontese cuisine through an ingenious and extraordinarily eccentric style of experimentation with no holds barred. 
Scabin thus becomes a bona fide demiurge who draws on the region to mix it with Italian flavours, while keeping a watchful eye on the aesthetic appeal of his dishes. This exciting artistic research is reflected in the choreographic atmosphere of the setting, lit by the panoramic windows that offer a stunning view over the city of Turin. The magical and esoteric character of the regional capital of Turin seems to be picked up by the chef, as demonstrated, for example, by the Cyber Elio Campari that closes his tasting menu “Viaggio verso Atavica” (“Journey to Atavic”). An erudite return to origins and the primordial nature that casts off overused ingredients and techniques and sings the purest hymn to progress and modernity.


P.zza Mafalda di Savoia – 10098 Rivoli (TO)
Tel. +39 011 9565225

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Closed Sunday and Monday. From Tuesday to Saturday only open for dinner
Holidays Christmas period. Variable in August
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