Stefano Ciotti

When the opportunity presented itself to get involved with a restaurant of his own, Stefano Ciotti had no second thoughts about breaking with the déjà-vu from Romagna to forge a blatantly-seafaring and precious location that makes everyone feel at ease. At the Nostrano restaurant, the entire interior design was commissioned tailor-made and reflects his predilection for fish, especially from the briny deep.
So, in the time of a mouthful, diners can enjoy long journeys running from Pesaro and continuing at top speed across the borders, enhancing sensitivity for rosemary and shallots, as well as meats and cheeses from the valleys of the Marches. In the chef’s culinary creations, one can sense the teachings of grand masters from Romagna, flavours and colours from the South and foreign influences from trips abroad.
Accompanying this arousing cuisine, there are wine offers from sommelier Ion Chelici, a dining room expert with a sunny, open and approachable disposition. With great aplomb he moves between the wooden tables which are without tablecloths, so that guests can get the feel of the quality work of local craftsmen.


Piazzale della Libertà, 7
61121 Pesaro (PU)
Tel. +39 0721 639813

40 inside + 14 outside | |

Closed Tuesday and Wednesday
Holidays Two weeks in November
Credit cards All