Errico Recanati and Ramona Ragaini

In the eyes of Errico Recanati cooking “is life and freedom”, in particular when it’s Granny’s home cooking, complete with charcoal embers and fire. Here, the spit is first and foremost an object of worship which is then to be used to imprint the dishes in the fires of recollection. And then the flames become an instrument of innovative cooking styles, with traditional utensils, so much so as to coin the term Tradizione³ to define his cuisine. This is what happens with Grilled spaghetti, Scampi, meaty bottarga , mango and acid butter, with Grilled Cacio and pepper or with Guinea fowl cooked at a distance, roots and sage extract. The restaurant protagonists are Errico Recanati in the kitchen who tames the flames, and Ramona Ragaini, in the dining room, one of the best sommeliers in Italy. A cuisine that uses cooking styles with almost surgical precision, as with the “Shrimp that chases the hare” and the “Hare cooked like a royale”, but without forgetting the traditional delicacies that make it a restaurant worth stopping at, time and time again. For example? Vincisgrasso.


Via Buffolareccia, 14 – 60025 Loreto (AN)
Tel. +39 071 970124

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Closed Tuesday. Wednesday lunchtime 
Holidays They vary from year to year
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