Pomiroeu Giancarlo Morelli

Giancarlo Morelli

Pomiroeu Giancarlo Morelli
Pomiroeu Giancarlo Morelli

Chef Giancarlo Morelli recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of his Pomiroeu. Well, the passage of time seems to infuse a new lease of life into his inexhaustible personality: charismatic, inventive, extrovert and dynamic, a temperament of countless facets pours into a generous and creative cuisine, always attentive to culture and surrounding lands. The link with the land is evident in the restaurant sign, which in the local dialect means “apple orchard”.
The place, in fact, was made from an ancient apple orchard from a nineteenth-century courtyard in the heart of Seregno, now an energetic centre in Brianza. The ingredients chosen for the dishes are taste extractions that are pure, fresh and spontaneous, strictly seasonal and carefully combined in an ethical and sustainable proposal and particularly inspiring for risottos. This solid and resolute philosophy has transcended the boundaries of Brianza and landed in stylish Milan, where the chef has opened the elegant Morelli restaurant and the more informal Bulk Mixology Food Bar. Different houses for a multitude of convivial occasions, like Morelli’s iconic glasses: round and square at the same time.

Pomiroeu Giancarlo Morelli

Via Garibaldi, 37 – 20831 Seregno (MB)
Tel. +39 0362 237973

40 + 25 outside | |

Closed Sunday dinner time. Monday
In July: Sunday. Monday lunchtime
Holidays Month of August
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