Miramonti l’altro

Mauro and Daniela Piscini, Chef Philippe Léveillé

Miramonti l'altro

Philippe Léveillé hails from Brittany, but skilfully combines his French soul with flavours that are typical of Brescia. A balanced marriage that triggers a multi-faceted and kaleidoscopic cuisine, capable of ranging from fresh fish and the lands beyond the Alps to products from Valtrompia, cancelling out a considerable distance in just one mouthful. At Miramonti l’altro, located in a neoclassical villa from the eighteenth century, the haute cuisine blends with the most authentic foot-hill traditions, which are more than aptly symbolised and represented by the Brescia-based cheeses found on the well-stocked cheese trolley. These traditional items are symmetrically contrasted by a menu and three current tasting paths with a playful spirit, where the names of the dishes include witty puns. Here are two examples: Alici (anchovies) in Wonderland, namely a picture of green vegetables with different textures, and #Volevoessereunpomodoro!! [Iwantedtobeatomato], a prawn tartare with bufala and gazpacho. Just about ten kilometres from Brescia, it is the perfect address for lovers of a robust cuisine, which is extremely agreeable and generous, just like its creator who is funny, fun-loving and loves a challenge.

Miramonti l’altro

Via Crosette, 34 – Loc. Costorio – 25062 Concesio (BS)
Tel. +39 030 2751063

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Closed Monday
Holidays Two weeks in August
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