Enrico Bartolini Ristorante

Enrico Bartolini

Design, fashion, science and cuisine: Milan always stands out as the main driving force in the four arts, in a contemporary and refined style. Chef Enrico Bartolini has comfortably found his spot in this realm of sophistication, making the restaurant bearing his name, the cradle of his refined philosophy on impeccable taste. Immersed within the choreographic setting of the Museo delle Culture, this culinary and entrepreneurial project reflects a keen interest in research and experimentation that add an artistic touch to the highly varied riches of the city. “Love for life and also a desire to eat it”: this is how the chef summarises his stylistic idea that is constantly intuitive, ambitious and oriented towards innovation without ever forgetting the wealth of memories and the desire to arouse emotions. Assisted by his executive chef and companion in adventure, Remo Capitaneo, Bartolini blends Italian tradition in his creations with a pinch of French cuisine and a hint of Tuscany where he comes from. The decor has warm, natural tones and comfortable seats that echo the harmony in the dining room assigned to Sebastien Ferrara in his capacity as maître and sommelier. Applause for the irreproachable way this remarkable Italian restaurant is managed.

Enrico Bartolini Ristorante

Via Tortona, 56 – 20144 Milano
Tel. +39 02 84293701

30 Up to 65 for events | |

Closed Monday lunchtime. Sunday

Holidays 3 variable weeks in August
Credit cards All