dal Pescatore Santini

Santini family – Antonio, Nadia, Alberto, Giovanni, grandmother Bruna

dal pescatore santini
dal Pescatore Santini

In the green labyrinth of the Mantuan countryside crossed by the peaceful flow of the river Oglio, the Santini family has embodied over four generations the essence of Italian hospitality: humanity, kindness, pleasant relaxation and the art of cooking. The setting, intimately blended in its surrounding landscape, is warmed by coloured walls, leather chairs, bookshelves and a fireplace that provide the guests with a beneficial homely feel. Imbued in tradition but projected towards the future, the cuisine of Nadia and Giovanni is a fine mix of current tastes and the passage of the seasons, which conquers through its harmonious blend of creativity and rigour. Ranging from three tasting menus and the menu à la carte, one can taste the famous pumpkin tortelli with butter and Parmesan, and dishes from the land and sea, touched by admiration for the great chefs from over the Alps.
The masters of hospitality, Antonio and Alberto, play their important part in transferring the poetry of these dishes directly into the hearts of the diners. This family alchemy works with head, hands and abounding passion to keep this culinary craftsmanship alive and well.

dal Pescatore Santini

Loc. Runate, 17 – 46013 Canneto S/O (MN)
Tel. +39 0376 723001

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Closed Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday lunchtime
Holidays From 2 to 31 January and from 12 August to 5 September
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