Adriano Baldassarre

“It’s all a matter of personal experiences and one’s roots”: with these words Adriano Baldassarre tightly summarises his culinary philosophy, Tradition in Progression, that reinterprets the history and geography of Rome through dishes that recount its habits and customs. After the restyling in 2019 to give it the appearance of an elegant home environment, the Tordomatto is now the reference point for the most demanding gourmets in the capital seeking a cuisine that breathes both creativity and classicality. Not a simple challenge for a chef who loves to prove himself. Being romantic and emotional in every menu, he reworks the echoes of the liveliest traditions and time-honoured customs in the tranquillity of his creative laboratory. This results in dishes that are the perfect combination of memories and exotic flavours, on a visceral journey through the suburbs of Rome and the Far East. In the dining room, there is a team of connoisseurs of the world of wine and warm hospitality, who uphold this constant and painstaking research and help to make this venue a special address for enjoyable moments of harmonious dining.


Via Pietro Giannone,24
00195 Roma
Tel. +39 06 69352895

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Closed Wednesday. Monday to Thursday at lunchtime
Holidays Variable

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