La Trota dal ‘63

Maurizio, Sandro, Amedeo and Michele Serva

Lying between the crystal-clear river waters and luxuriant greenery of the Spring of Santa Susanna, the Serva family have led their life of devotion to fine cuisine for fifty years. Mamma Rolanda and papa Emilio settled in the pleasant village of Rivodutri and opened the doors of their country inn. Today, thanks to the work of their children, Maurizio and Sandro and their grandchildren Amedeo and Michele, this patch of Sabine land and its culinary offer are ennobled by the brave bet to draw on the abundant freshwater fish in the Rieti area.
The glowing game of textures and temperatures is enhanced by the expert use of wild herbs and spices that add inebriating scents to dishes already rich in colours.
The two tasting menus “Attraversando il lago…” (Crossing the Lake) and “…Arrivando al territorio” (….Reaching the territory) leave ample space for land-based offers as if to suspend the guests’ journey and invite them back for a second, delicious discovery.
The thousand facets of the dining room and cellar worthily crown this crescendo of hospitable harmony.

La Trota dal ‘63

Via S. Susanna, 33 – 02010 Rivodutri (RI)
Tel. + 39 0746 685078

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Closed Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday dinner time
Holidays From 7 January to 13 February
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