La Pergola

Heinz Beck

A fabulous terrace overlooking the Eternal City, the elegant touch of a chef deeply in love with Italian food and a choreographic cooking style that conceals the essence of the Bel Paese’s culinary art: the mental power of Heinz Beck could not have found a more suitable home than the Pergola at the Rome Cavalieri.
A symphony of colours and sensations that play with the taste of its guests without leading them astray among ornate, Baroque-style excesses or exercises in refinement, but hitting straight at the memory of their palate. Simplicity and minimalism are the keywords. Its unforgettable dishes include Liquorice consommé on cream of peppers and calamari with lime, Norway lobster on cucumber and apple with aniseed jelly; Tortellini with basil and freeze-dried mozzarella and tomato salad water, and also Powdered foie gras of duck.
Marco Reitano, the sommelier of this mammoth treasure-trove cellar, moves with agility and expertise among the many prized vintages, always offering absolutely perfect pairings.

La Pergola

Via A. Cadlolo, 101 – 00136 Roma (RM)
Tel. +39 06 35092152

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Closed Monday and Sunday. Lunchtime
Holidays Three weeks in January and three weeks in August
Credit cards All