Marco and Cristina Parizzi

Parizzi reveals a series of pathways, stories and generations. In over seventy years, this business in the heart of ducal Parma has enjoyed a fortuitous evolution from a small delicatessen selling excellent products, to a trattoria and then to its current dimension as a grand restaurant. The understanding between Marco Parizzi and his wife Cristina is now translated into the art of hospitality at the highest level, forged over years of experience and personal and professional development. Chef Marco is inspired by the classic dishes from over the Alps and rejuvenates them in contemporary style along the meanders of balance and Italian pleasantness. His ally, nature, provides him with a basketful of sublime raw materials, renewed by the seasons, which he can handle and blend with a mind open to harmonious flavour contrasts. Lightness, precision in the choice of cooking techniques, a keen hand with game and an inclination for desserts complete the picture of this satisfying spot for a stopover in Emilia, the homeland of fine food. In the dining room, embellished with works of art, there is an all-embracing touch of class and composure provided by Cristina, an expert sommelier, devoted to enriching the wine list written on parchment which has more than 10,000 bottles.


Strada della Repubblica, 71
43121 Parma (PR)
Tel. +39 0521 285952

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Closed Monday
Holidays 1 week in January. 3 weeks in August. 24 and 25 December
Credit cards Visa, American Express, Mastercard