Caffè Arti e Mestieri

Gianni e Federico D’Amato

Turning a craft into an art: a real challenge for D’Amato, which father and son rose to with ease.
Gianni is a true world-beater, and his son, Federico, has firmly grasped the relay baton, holding high the family honour. Originally the home of a dialect theatre that now provides Reggio Emilia with something it lacked: a great gourmet restaurant. Here traditional dishes take the stage with re-makes and new inspirations: the Pumpkin tortelli you order at the restaurant are not of the classic type – the runny filling of these ones explodes in your mouth, reminiscent to perfection of that original taste, but infinitely lighter. Pigeon blends masterfully with baked plums, revealing quite unimaginable flights of culinary art. In the dining room, Fulvia quenches the thirst of body and soul with gentle irony, fine wines and sparkling service.
The D’Amato family are a fine example of how regional cuisine from Emilia, whose distinctive identity is highly developed, can be reinterpreted and then appreciated, even by fellow countrymen.

Caffè Arti e Mestieri

Via Emilia San Pietro, 16 – 42121 Reggio Emilia (RE)
Tel. +39 0522 432202

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Closed Sunday dinner time and all day Monday from October to May. All day Sunday and Monday lunchtime from June to September
Holidays From 1 to 7 January. 2 middle weeks in August
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