Taverna Estia

Francesco Sposito

In the shadow of Vesuvius a true workshop of taste finds its place, the Taverna Estia. Already enjoying its first twenty years, it is growing relentlessly from generation to generation. The backbone of this wonderful enterprise is the Sposito family: papa Armando, the author of the project, his son Francesco now in the kitchen, helped by mamma Margherita and the other son, Mario, in the dining room. Their culinary offer raises Campania Felix to new heights, aiming predominantly at food quality. It is easy to understand, when admiring the pretty herb garden which welcomes guests on arrival and then continues with a crescendo of local traditions, refreshed with new techniques which the chef has made his own, including liquid nitrogen, vacuum-packed, cold chains. They analyse and distil the Campanian countryside to lavish new emotions.
The wine list also knows about renewal, with the meticulous and inexorable search for new “craftsmen” among the local wine-making community. A special selection of coffees from all over the world also helps to customise this wine and food experience.

Taverna Estia

Via Guido De Ruggiero, 108 – 80031 Brusciano (NA)
Tel. +39 081 5199633


 30 | small-sized
Closed From Monday to Friday at lunchtime. Sunday and holidays at dinner time.

Holidays 2 weeks in January, 3 weeks in August 
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