Relais Blu

Manager Antonino Acampora, Chef Roberto Allocca

Termini, a location immersed in the luxuriant Mediterranean maquis of Massa Lubrense, separates the two coasts of Amalfi and Sorrento, from the top of its furthermost point. This is where the Relais Blu, a fragment of the peninsula opposite the breathtaking profile of Capri, stitches together the two patches of sea with a warm and sparkling cuisine and welcome. Crossing the brilliant white dining room to the panoramic windows of the terrace, one can feel the peace, silence and rarefied atmosphere, marked by linen napkins and minimal furnishings. Only recently in charge of the kitchen stoves, Alberto Annarumma “paints” his creations with strong, local and Italian roots, though they are open to contaminations from French and Japanese culinary styles encountered on his travels as a chef. He offers dishes featuring fusion, and light though intense flavours and impeccable cooking techniques that encourage guests to dip their forks again and again. The adjacent garden has a range of flourishing spices, herbal plants, lemon trees and vegetables, all with truly indigenous flavours, accompanied by excellent wines and a quality selection of liqueurs and Havana cigars. The cherry-on-top of this enjoyable experience is provided by the boutique hotel with its fifteen rooms where guests can relax surrounded by charm and style.

Relais Blu

Via Roncato, 60 Località Termini
80061 Massa Lubrense (NA)
Tel. +39 081 878 9552

40/50 |

Closed Monday
Holidays May vary, from 1 November to end of March
Credit cards American Express, Mastercard, Visa. Maestro