Giuseppe Lannotti

Giuseppe Iannotti could have chosen any place on the planet for people of the world to enjoy his food, and yet his choice came straight from the heart: a difficult challenge in a homeland that is so rich in culinary prowess and so far off the beaten track. That is how he came to the old farm at the gates of Telese Terme, in the Benevento region: because that is the place he looked for and desired to end up in.
Kresios is something rare in these lands: stone walls, dark, minimal furniture, no tablecloths, an essential mise en place and only two tasting trips on the menu to put your trust in, “Mr. Pink” and “Mr. White”, an act of faith and abandonment that one can scarcely regret.
Iannotti’s hands and mind are inspired by the traditions of Campania whose fragile echoes they conserve and paint with a modern representation, deriving from study and cosmopolitan ideas. The cellar is entrusted to young Alfredo Buonanno, the maître who expertly manages an unconventional dining room with confidence and elegance.


Via San Giovanni, 59 – 82037 Telese Terme (BN)
Tel. +39 0824 940723

20 + 8 in private room | |

Closed Monday. Sunday dinner time
Holidays Variable
Credit cards All