La Locanda di Alia

Gaetano Alia

It was 1952 when mamma Lucia and papa Antonio opened the doors of their trattoria with four tables and a wood stove. After all these years and now interpreted with gentle and measured hands, their recipes are just as exquisite in the dishes of Gaetano Alia, who proudly continues to run this inn with a thousand memories. He loves to retrieve every single tradition and speciality from Calabria in order to create a prestigious cuisine that marks the distance between routine and fulfilment. In praise of local produce, the chef uses raw materials from the surrounding areas: the amazing variety of cheeses, meats and cold meats from the Pollino National Park and catches of quality fish from the Ionian Sea. A cuisine with sharp and vigorous flavours, built around ingredients that speak of the tastes of the past, like humble Mormanno beans or white onions from Castrovillari. Surrounded by a rustic atmosphere modelled with painstaking attention to detail, other enlightening experiences worth trying include a summer poolside dinner and an overnight stay among olive trees and orchards, followed by an amazing breakfast. This land with its conservative spirit succeeded in proudly welcoming the warmth, colours and honest dialogue of the Alia family.

La Locanda di Alia

Via Ietticelli, 55
87012 Castrovillari (CS)
Tel. +39 0981 46370

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Closed Sunday dinner time. Monday
Holidays 1 week in mid-August
Credit cards All