Villa Maiella

Tinari Family

At the foot of the mountains of Abruzzo, Villa Maiella preserves an Arcadian parable of flavour that has evolved with the three generations of the Tinari clan. Precisely this value from family ties and the reassuring sign of tradition were the auspicious elements predicting success of the wine shop in 1966 that became a bucolic gem of generous flavours. Today the kitchen is run by Arcangelo who holds high the name of his grandfather and at the same time reinterprets those tastes deep in our memories with a nod and a wink to gourmet style. Mamma Angela devotes her skill to pastry and bread making. The food courses reveal the direct and privileged connection with local products, so much so that this house, over time, has felt the need to acquire a vegetable garden, an olive grove and a farm where black pigs roam freely. In the dining room, the tales about local identity are recounted by Pascal and papa Peppino, who are delightful in their pampering of guests with wines ranging from the classics to the latest proposals to achieve correct and harmonious pairings. A brilliant demonstration of a culinary philosophy devoted to continuity which comes from the past to accompany us towards the future.

Villa Maiella

Via Sette Dolori, 30 66016 Guardiagrele (Ch)
Tel. +39 0871 809319

26-30 |

Closed Monday. Sunday dinner time

Holidays 2 weeks in July, 2 weeks in January

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