Cristiana and Niko Romito

In Castel di Sangro, in that hieratic scenario of a former convent far from the madding crowd, Niko Romito and his sister Cristiana decode the mystery of everyday life with a culinary and hospitable language inspired by the absolute.
The essential, almost minimalist mark of the location is reflected in the style of the dishes that proceeds by subtraction and stratification, along a millimetric path of research that is seemingly invisible. The ingredients are handled with no unnecessary frills, embodying everything within: beauty, texture and flavours of the Abruzzi Apennines. A special mention for the bread, considered a dish in its own right along this path of tasting. Under the direction of Cristiana, a bright, young team deals with the dining room in total unison with the sommelier and winemaker Gianni Sinesi so as to have the last word on the subject of their extremely pleasurable wines. 
In addition, Romiti’s universe contemplates a galaxy of brands and projects in constant ferment, where education and enterprise merge osmotically to leave their bookmarks in the original chapters of stories on taste. Welcome courteous revolution…


Casadonna – Piana Santa Liberata – 67031 Castel di Sangro (AQ)
Tel. +39 0864 69382

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Closed Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtime
Holidays From 6 January to 17 March. From 2 November to 11 November
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