La Peca

Cinzia Boggian, Nicola and Pierluigi Portinari

In a charmed corner of the province of the beautiful city of Vicenza, in 1987, a family restaurant opened its doors. Tradition and taste went hand in hand. The perfect setting adds to the experience: a comfortable dining room, big windows, and big views of the heart-breaking surrounding hills. Amid the greenery, there’s the elegant Rocca Pisana in Lonigo, designed by Vincenzo Scamozzi, who studied under Palladio. The food here is not just the result of chef Nicola’s many years of experience – it takes teamwork. His young, super-motivated group is bent on researching, experimenting and coming up with amazing new concoctions. Seafood, meats – take your pick and taste the wonderful delicacies of the chef. The four-course tasting menu changes from day to day, depending on the season and what’s available at the market.Contemporary style all the way. As sustainable as possible. The wine cellar offers intriguing choices from among 1,900 different wines from Italy and the world, collected through years of careful selection. To top things off, choose from three hundred different spirits. Don’t miss La Peca for fine dining in an extra-fine setting. Quality ingredients, love, passion, creativity, and natural elegance join forces in the here-and-now.

La Peca

Via Giovanelli, 2
36045 Lonigo (VI)
+39 0444 830214

Number of seats 40 | |

Closed Sunday and Monday
Holidays Two weeks in June. One week in mid-August. From 25 to 30 December
Credit cards All